Exercise 3:  Gratitude Letter

Use the next 15 minutes to write a gratitude letter. Use the instructions below to help guide you through this process:

1. Use whatever format you like, but remember to write as though you are directly addressing the individual you are grateful to. It is often helpful to start the letter with “Dear XXXX,” and end with “Sincerely, ____.”

2. Do not worry about perfect grammar and spelling.

3. Describe in specific terms why you are grateful to this individual and how the individual’s behavior affected your life. Focus on the specific parts of the behavior that most affected you and the details about how this affected you afterwards.

4. Describe what you are doing now and how often you remember their efforts.

5. You are welcome to show or give this letter to anyone you please. People have found that they can get even bigger boosts of good feeling when they share the letter with the recipient. On the other hand, the letter you write is a private document in which you can express your gratitude freely, and you do not have to share any of it with another person if you do not want to.